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  • Sexuality, Sex and Religion
    Posted by Brother Pluto April 10

    We understand that for some religions sexuality and or talk about sexuality is a part of the that religion, and granted we do not oppose the members of those religions talking about it here on the Monastery web site,


    However this talk must not at any time be allowed to post on the main board of the Monastery for the simple reason that it is the rule in effect and until further notice.


    Any minister who post anything sexual on the main wall will be suspended from the site for a period of 7 days and or removed for good.


    We do not wish to impose harsh rules on our ministers, however we also do not want anything sexual on the main board!

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  • Angelica/gypsygirl Watkins
    Angelica/gypsygirl Watkins in need of help.  Its very hard for me to ask for help.I have been called to write my life story this would be a labor of love with my ADHD i would need a writer and a publicist yet my story of my life will help others.  If there is some one here that is ...  more
    • 26 minutes ago
    • Angelica/gypsygirl Watkins
      Rev. Jean-Guy Boudrias My dear sister Angelica,..... very young, I was classified as an ADHD, in those day they did not know much and I was place in the slow learner class. So I left the school system and toke courses on my speed......so after two Patents, many inventions, book...  more
      • a few seconds ago
  • Reverend Dr. Craig  Jackson
    Reverend Dr. Craig Jackson Well, Praise the Lord!!! I am very excited to say that I am on spring break. Praise God!! I live learning but it is time for a break. So what's everybody doing this weak and for easter.
    • 27 minutes ago
  • Rev. Jean-Guy Boudrias
    Rev. Jean-Guy Boudrias French Canadian culture... :-)
    Lisa LeBlanc: Aujourd'hui, ma vie c'est d'la marde - YouTube
    • 36 minutes ago
  • Rick B Nicholai JR
    Rick B Nicholai JR Good Morning Everyone, today is another beautiful day and i thank the Higher Powers that i can enjoy today.
    • 40 minutes ago
  • Bro. Robert  Johnson 32°
    Bro. Robert Johnson 32° Latest from the Masonic Roundtable Ep 10 Charity
    The Masonic Roundtable - Episode 10 - Charity - YouTube
    • 1 hour ago
  • Paul Henderson
    Paul Henderson Thanks ladyAlthaea
    • 1 hour ago
  • Tony T.  Williams, Bishop, U.L.C. Monastery
    Tony T. Williams, Bishop, U.L.C. Monastery Pray for the people of South Korea; Fox News is reporting 4 dead, 55 injured, 292 missing as of (0800) in Ferry incident.
    • 1 hour ago
  • Rabbi Derrick Whitt
    Rabbi Derrick Whitt Who among the gods is like you, O YHVH?  Who is like You--majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?--Shemot/Exodus 15:11, New International Version.  As we are in the Passover season, we remember how He delivered us with an outstretched arm...  more
    • 1 hour ago
  • Bro. Robert  Johnson 32°
    Bro. Robert Johnson 32° PTSD affects countless people, are you one of them? Bro. Aaron Gardner explores in this new piece on The Midnight Freemasons...
    Midnight Freemasons: The Scars Unseen
    • 1 hour ago
  • Minister Keith Grace
    Minister Keith GraceRhoda Rettig: Welcome to the family!!!
    • 1 hour ago

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