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  • Craig Tisdale
    Craig Tisdale has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Rev. Suzanne Ranu
    Rev. Suzanne Ranu shared Rev. Suzanne Ranu's image. Going shopping today with my daughter in law. This is a good thing because I dislike shopping so she is making sure that I get it done. LOL LOL I hope you all have a great Friday with many blessings...
    • 16 minutes ago
  • Gypsy Z
    Gypsy ZNaked Goat Humor:
    • 20 minutes ago
  • Jerry Miller
    Jerry Miller Love should be shared unconditionaly!
    • 22 minutes ago
  • Rev.  Robert McBride
    Rev. Robert McBride You can't change history but you can change NOW !
    • 26 minutes ago
  • Gypsy Z
    Gypsy ZDani Schmidt: Good morning dear!
    • 30 minutes ago
    • Gypsy Z
      Dani Schmidt Good morning Sis!
      • 28 minutes ago
    • Gypsy Z
      Gypsy Z How are you doing dear?
      • 23 minutes ago
    • Gypsy Z
      Dani Schmidt Sipping coffee in ma kitchen and looking at my leaky ceiling.... Grr
      • 9 minutes ago
    • Gypsy Z
      Gypsy Z I understand dear! The neighbors dogs been barking since 6 am so I have had to be awake with lilly the furry thing doesnt have a snooze button. lol
      • 6 minutes ago
  • Dani Schmidt
    Dani SchmidtKong Sing Lok: Thank you for your request - I am honored! :-)
    • 32 minutes ago
  • Gypsy Z
  • Gypsy Z
    Gypsy Z Wishing you all a wonderful Friday!
    • 41 minutes ago
  • Gypsy Z
    Gypsy Zpharms19 dai: You've been reported!
    • 50 minutes ago

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People all across the country have received their ordination from the ULC and love actively participating with the other ministers. If you've gotten ordained by the Universal Life Church or simply want to see how becoming a minister has changed the lives of others, create an account and start chatting! Remember that the ULC is inclusive of all beliefs and religions, so post pictures and thoughts to represent your spirituality and remember to respect and embrace the spirituality of others.