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  • Rev. Suzanne Ranu
    Rev. Suzanne Ranu Just stopping in for a moment to wish everyone a Good Morning!!  Need to get ready for work but had to handle a phone call early this morning.  Wishing you all a great day with many blessings.
    • 2 minutes ago
  • Paul Maltby
    Paul MaltbyRELAX AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE!: Thank you for the invite! May each of you have a peaceful day.
    • 32 minutes ago
  • Veronica McMahon
    Veronica McMahonPhotagraphy 101: Flowers for everyone!
  • Veronica McMahon
    Veronica McMahon Good morning my online family and welcome to all our new members. I pray everyone has a peaceful, joyous absolutely wonderful day.
    • 47 minutes ago
  • Catharina Hosseini Damabi
    Catharina Hosseini DamabiRELAX AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE!: Thanks, happy to be here:) Have a blessed day :)
    • 49 minutes ago
  • Rev. SK Scott, PhD
    Rev. SK Scott, PhD The Fuel Project. Some startling statistics on Godless Societies. Good info to have.
    • 1 hour ago
  • Sharon Hollingsworth ULCM
    Sharon Hollingsworth ULCM The sun just blazed through the clouds. I'm sorta seeing dots, 'cause I looked up but all is beautiful.
    • 1 hour ago
  • Rev/Dr. Lynne Delgado. ULCM,UMD, DD
    Rev/Dr. Lynne Delgado. ULCM,UMD, DDRELAX AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE!: Meditation can be done most anywhere. Sitting quietly and daydreaming or directing yourself to the clouds to get away from the hectic day.  It is especially productive for children to get an early start on meditation.  We call it a mind time out, lol.  Ju...  more
  • David Conner
    David Conner created a new group:
    Constitutional Christians
    • 1 hour ago
  • David Conner
    David Conner has added a new profile photo.
  • Sharon Hollingsworth ULCM
    Sharon Hollingsworth ULCM Morning ya'll! Cloudy day here but that can mean watered plants and more flowers (or in my case more weeds to mow :-D my grandmother hated yardwork and let what grew be. She used to talk about cementing over the front yard and painting it green! I sometim...  more
  • Michael LaRocca
    Michael LaRocca has added a new profile photo.
  • Matthew Ibrahim
    Matthew Ibrahim wrote a new blog entry:
    • 2 hours ago
    • Matthew Ibrahim
      Sharon Hollingsworth ULCM I'm trying to "give up" a situation that I know GOD wants me to but it is so hard. Yes, sometimes I'm ungrateful - I want to go back to what leads me from GOD's sight. But like you, I try to remember I'm only human and I have so very far to go. ...  more
    • Matthew Ibrahim
      Matthew Ibrahim And you as well, Sharon. :-)
  • Sharon Hollingsworth ULCM
    Sharon Hollingsworth ULCM Аrchbishop Vsevolod Malakhov, GMK OCC. : Thank you, Archbishop, for the friend request. I hope we will have the chance to share our faith with each other.
    • 2 hours ago
  • Minister Richard A.  Weir
    Minister Richard A. Weir posted a new classified listing:
    Are You Looking For A Minister In Eastern NC?
    • 2 hours ago
  • Minister Richard A.  Weir
    Minister Richard A. Weir has added a new profile photo.
  • Matthew Ibrahim
    Matthew Ibrahim Ramadan Day 13: Fajr Reading: And the thunder exalts Allah with praise, and the angels as well for they fear Him. And He sends thunderbolts and strikes therewith whom He wills while they dispute about Him, and He is severe in assault. To Him alone is the ...  more
  • Rev. Jason  Grass
    Rev. Jason Grass Preaching love then spouting hate in the same post is nothing but hate.
    The hate cancels out the love. Just like in domestic violence cases
    where the abuser says I love you and then hits you. No matter how much
    love you profess it is canceled by your hatred
  • Philip Burns
    Philip Burns Good Morning Every One 
    Have A Great Tuesday 
    Be a witness, not a judge 
    Focus on yourself 
    No...  more
  • Philip Burns
    Philip Burns Dear One,
    You are my child and I love you. It's just that simple. No matter what
    you've done or what you haven't done. I love you! You have an eternal spirit
    living within you, and I know your spirit intimately, and I love you. You ...  more

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People all across the country have received their ordination from the ULC and love actively participating with the other ministers. If you've gotten ordained by the Universal Life Church or simply want to see how becoming a minister has changed the lives of others, create an account and start chatting! Remember that the ULC is inclusive of all beliefs and religions, so post pictures and thoughts to represent your spirituality and remember to respect and embrace the spirituality of others.