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  • Father Carl  NCO
    Father Carl NCONaked Goat Humor:
    • 1 minute ago
  • Father Carl  NCO
    Father Carl NCOJedi Knights of the unplugged Toaster: Wake up world and laugh all you can!
    • 23 minutes ago
  • Amanda Rodriguez
    Amanda Rodriguez posted a new classified listing:
    Power of Loving Yourself Commitment Ceremony
    • 32 minutes ago
  • Bridgett Clark
    Bridgett Clark Good Saturday evening friends
    • 34 minutes ago
  • Minister Josh Bentham
    Minister Josh Bentham Will is free but love and life are given. use that love and life and spread it around to the world.
    • 38 minutes ago
  • Father Carl  NCO
    Father Carl NCOGary's party band: I unblocked you Gary because I believe in forgiveness, happy Holiday
    • 38 minutes ago
  • Gary's party band
    Gary's party bandJust a joking matter ... all in fun ...: I have no jokes today.  But I wonder why folks are being welcomed here with a warning of misbehavior?  No wonder there are very few on here as of late; and folks leaving ...
    • 43 minutes ago
  • Pastor Richard ( Taz ) Pickett, OM, EM.
    Pastor Richard ( Taz ) Pickett, OM, EM. Gary, I'm 53 too and the best segment of my life began August 14th........So itcan happen for you too..........Keep da Faith....
    • 46 minutes ago
  • Gary's party band
    Gary's party bandMen's World: I thought life was supposed to start at 40- what happened to mine, now 53?
    • 49 minutes ago
  • Father Carl  NCO
    Father Carl NCOThe Dog Club:
    • 57 minutes ago

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People all across the country have received their ordination from the ULC and love actively participating with the other ministers. If you've gotten ordained by the Universal Life Church or simply want to see how becoming a minister has changed the lives of others, create an account and start chatting! Remember that the ULC is inclusive of all beliefs and religions, so post pictures and thoughts to represent your spirituality and remember to respect and embrace the spirituality of others.