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  • Brother J Samuel Davolt
    Brother J Samuel Davolt G'night my blessed friends and everyone :)  I have an early shift tomorrow, so ttyl!
    • a few seconds ago
  • andrew handley
    andrew handley has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Bishop Tom Thunderhorse D.D.
    Bishop Tom Thunderhorse D.D.Brother J Samuel Davolt: Greetings, and welcome to our ULCM
    website. You will find that the Universal Life Church Monastery is a
    very unique place. Here, you will find many brothers and sisters of
    different faiths and religious backgrounds, and walks of life,...  more
    • 26 minutes ago
  • Rev.  Robert (Bob) Bernacchi
    Rev. Robert (Bob) BernacchiMystic Angel: Hey there old friend. It is nice to see you again. Glad we are back together. God Bless.
    • 32 minutes ago
  • Reverend Giovano 'Koala' Fusco
    Reverend Giovano 'Koala' Fusco wrote a new blog entry:
    • 34 minutes ago
  • Danielle Schmidt
    Danielle SchmidtBrother J Samuel Davolt: Thank you for the kind request - I am honored! :-)
    • 36 minutes ago
  • Senior Pastor Jeff Zimmerman, M.A.  near BWI
    Senior Pastor Jeff Zimmerman, M.A. near BWI Rev. Patrick Bailey: Brother Pat, I'm looking for someone in central MD to perform a very low key wedding. What's your location, and availibilty ?
    • 41 minutes ago
  • Vernon Campbell
    Vernon Campbell Good night all, really tired tonight.  Enjoy a little Quintessence
    • 42 minutes ago
  • Senior Pastor Jeff Zimmerman, M.A.  near BWI
    Senior Pastor Jeff Zimmerman, M.A. near BWIBrother J Samuel Davolt: Welcome Brother, Peace be with you.
    • 1 hour ago
  • Mystic  Angel
    Mystic AngelBrother J Samuel Davolt: Thanks for the friend request :)
    • 1 hour ago

Get Ordained Online

People all across the country have received their ordination from the ULC and love actively participating with the other ministers. If you've gotten ordained by the Universal Life Church or simply want to see how becoming a minister has changed the lives of others, create an account and start chatting! Remember that the ULC is inclusive of all beliefs and religions, so post pictures and thoughts to represent your spirituality and remember to respect and embrace the spirituality of others.