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  • Politics
    Posted by Brother Pluto 7 hours ago

    Again I am having to post this statement that Politics of any kind are not allowed on the main wall at any time.

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  • florence d'alessandro
    florence d'alessandroMARGIE HENDERSON: welcome
    • a few seconds ago
  • florence d'alessandro
    florence d'alessandroSusan Woodward: welcome
    • a few seconds ago
    MARGIE HENDERSONBishop Tom Thunderhorse D.D.: Thank you soooo much for your warm welcome.  I would be honored to be your friend Bishop. So kind of you to ask . Bless you always.
    • 4 minutes ago
  • Bishop Tom Thunderhorse D.D.
    Bishop Tom Thunderhorse D.D.Kenneth Hampton: Hi, Kenneth. Welcome to our website. :-)
    • 9 minutes ago
    MARGIE HENDERSONRev. Suzanne Ranu: I love you thought provoking postings.
    • 9 minutes ago
    MARGIE HENDERSONOracle & MasterSeer Ophi Ophiuchus: Yes I am totally into the Ancient Mystery's.  That is where it all started and what it is all about. New Age  just means that they won't burn you on the stake, kill you, lose your job, or run you out of town.. Wow God is good all the time. (smile).
    • 12 minutes ago
      Cedric Watts Have you read the Dead Sea Scrolls?
      • 8 minutes ago
  • Archbishop Dr. Joseph
    Archbishop Dr. Joseph I hope everyone is having a good evening! I have two laptops, and they are both being worked on, so I am on my tablet, which is more of a challenge for me to use, so if I am not as responsive, it is because I am struggling with this tablet.
    • 12 minutes ago
    • Archbishop Dr. Joseph
      Archbishop Dr. Joseph As I get older, my fingers get bigger, but the technology gets smaller. LOL
      • 10 minutes ago
  • Kenneth Hampton
    Kenneth Hampton has added a new profile photo.
    • 14 minutes ago
  • Archbishop Dr. Joseph
    Archbishop Dr. JosephReverend Leonard Coddington: I hope you still don't feel this way. Sometimes I see that people can get wrapped up in their own things, or not very responsive too, but I keep coming back, and the website is an important thing in my life. Feel free to message anytime.
    • 18 minutes ago
    MARGIE HENDERSONRev. Eduardo Martinez: Thank you so much for your warm welcome Rev.
    • 22 minutes ago

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